Colquitt County Clerk of Court

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Open to public for legal research Monday through Friday from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm. Law Libary is locted on the second floor of the Morgan County Courthouse, 149 East Jefferson Street, Madison, GA 30650.

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Superior Court is a trial court of general jurisdiction. The court has exclusive, constitutional authority over felony cases prosecuted by the District Attorney’s Office regarding title to land, equity, declaratory judgments, habeas corpus, mandamus, quo warrant, prohibition, adoptions, and divorce. This court is authorized to correct errors made by lower courts by using certiorari and, for some lower courts, the right to direct review by this court applies.

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  • Special Notes

    • You must arrive by 4:00 PM to have a passport processed.
    • If international departure is less than two weeks, or if a passport is needed for foreign visas, application at a Regional Passport Agency may be advisable. Appointments are required. Visit for more information.
    • This office is not responsible for your passport application once it is mailed from this office. Furthermore, the passport agency will not accept calls from any passport agent on your behalf.
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    Georgia Notary Public's

    The office of the Clerk of Superior Court approves and issues commissions of notary public. Each commission is for a term of four years and may be renewed prior to the expiration of the notary’s term of office.

    Notary applications must be completed online, then print your notary application and follow the instructions that are printed with your notary package. A current (within the past 30 days) criminal history must be provided with the application.

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    Jury Duty

    The jury process is an important and vital process of the courts function. Jury duty is a responsibility that all qualified citizens must share, and is the final check and balance on the American system of government.

    Service Pay

    Jury pay is $25 per day.

    Jury Selection

    If you are randomly selected by computer to serve as a juror, you will receive a jury summons in the mail indicating a specific date and time to appear for jury duty. Your summons may instruct you to call the jury line for a specific day and time to appear for jury duty. If your summons instructs you to call the jury line, be sure to call. The jury line number is (706) 343-6474.

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    The Superior Court duties include recording all Morgan County real estate deeds, plats, condominium floor plans, Uniform Commercial Code Filings, General Execution Docket and Lien Filings, military discharges, partnerships, and providing an index and images of all documents. Our records are available online at Georgia Superior Court Clerks' Cooperative Authority website.

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